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Our Leadership

Our Leadership


Shalom! Welcome to the Chabad Jewish Student Center of UCR.


Rabbi Matis and Rebbetzin Nechama Devlin

Rabbi Matisyahu Devlin, co-director at Chabad of UCR, grew up in anything but an Orthodox Jewish home. He went to church and Catholic school until his senior year, when one day, well, he'll tell you the rest. Rabbi Matis enjoys learning and teaching Jewish mysticism, the Talmud, skateboarding, and drumming.

Nechama Devlin, co-director, moved to the U.S. from Buenos Aires as a young girl. She grew up with a strong Jewish identity, but not such an observant one. After visiting Israel, she felt inspired to learn more and attended seminary in both Jerusalem and Brooklyn. Nechama holds a master's in Special Education, cooks amazing food to say the least, enjoys meeting new students, and loves to read.

Chabad of UCR

Chabad of UCR is home away from home for hundreds of Jewish students at the University of California Riverside (UCR) and surrounding academic institutions. Rabbi Matis and Rebbetzin Nechama Devlin aim to engage students spiritually, socially, and educationally through enriching existing programs and providing new opportunities. At Chabad, all students are welcome, regardless of background, affiliation, and level of observance.

Leadership: Students are invited to take leadership roles in their campus communities, helping foster the creation of the next generation of empowered Jewish leadership.

Tradition: Chabad of UCR gives students the ability to discover the warmth and beauty of their Jewish heritage, and learn to apply timeless Jewish principles in today's modern world.

Community: We believe that family and community are vital keys to character building. That’s why we open our home to students, helping inspire them with a respect for family values and a deep meaningful concern for the land of Israel.

Future: Labels are for clothing, not people. We believe that Jewish education and meaningful experiences are the grass-roots method to achieving unity, regardless of one's background or affiliations. For there to be a Jewish tomorrow, our students need to have a Jewish today!

Chabad of UCR, creating a Jewish tomorrow... today!

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